I have been pretty much obsessed with playing and studying the drumset for most of my life! I have been playing for nearly thirty years and have been teaching for fifteen. I love all styles of music and have performed in musical styles ranging from jazz to heavy metal.

In addition to teaching an average of 55 students per week, I play with my Latin jazz trio Terminal Baggage Claim and I am a member of Six Seconds to Madness – an all-original rock band. I’m also collaborating with songwriter Pete Ling in the development of music soundtracks for commercial productions. In addition to these projects, I manage to do some freelance live and session work and lead a youth percussion group. All of these things combine to help keep me busy hitting things!

Some of the artists which I have performed and/or recorded with include: Juno nominated songwriter Kathleen Edwards, French Canadian musical icon Paul Demer, Veronic Dicaire, Stone Soul Picnic, The Kathy Grant Mahone Gospel Band, Just Past Ten, Soulfinger, Randy Shoaf, Wayne Eagles, Freudian JuJube as well as UK-based Hotrod Cadets.

Some of my most memorable career highlights to date include:

  • Receiving a grant from the Ontario Arts Council to live and study in NYC at “Drummers Collective”.
  • Performing as a snare drummer for the DCA drum corps Les Dynamiques.
  • Winning the 2002 WFD “Fastest Hands” drumming contest in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Receiving a full scholarship to attend the 2005 KOSA Drum Camp and performing at the participant concert.
  • Placing third out of hundreds of talented drummers in a cross-Canada drum solo contest in 2009.
  • Becoming a SONOR drum endorser in 2010.

Although I have accomplished some of my drumming goals so far, I consider myself to be an eternal student of the instrument. I love to practice and really enjoy the process of developing at the drums. I have had the privilege of studying privately with some of the world’s finest drum teachers and performers including:

  • Joel Rosenblatt
  • Kenwood Dennard
  • Jim Chapin
  • Kim Plainfield
  • Magella Cormier
  • Chuck Burrows
  • Paul Brochu

Over the years, I have created a thorough and intense program of study to help students reach their musical goals and have taught hundreds of drummers of all ages and levels. I am a member of both the Vic Firth Education Team and the Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program. I’ve also taught for the Carleton University Bachelor of Music program.

In addition to being a drummer, I am also a trained child and youth counselor. In 1992, I graduated the Child and Youth Work program of Algonquin College with honors. I feel that this training has really helped me to develop and implement a positive educational experience for my students.