Through my years of practicing, performing and studying, I have created an intensive program of drumset study and have taught HUNDREDS of drummers with great results! Some of my students have gone on to post-secondary music programs, and have gone on to play in successful bands and musical productions.

As playing the drums demands a great deal of coordination my lesson curriculum centers on the development of basic and advanced multi tasking. In addition to my lesson agenda, I make sure that the students’ goals are also addressed in their studies.

Some key areas of my program include:

  • Stick and foot pedal techniques
  • Groove style studies: jazz, Brazilian, rock, fusion, funk, Afro-Cuban, African, Drum and Bass, and more…
  • Linear & non-linear drum styles
  • Double bass drumming
  • Advanced four and five way coordination/independence studies
  • Rudimental drumming for both hands and feet
  • How to read, write and listen to music
  • Polyrhythms, cross rhythms and odd meters
  • How to play with other musicians
  • Brush techniques

Lessons will address the how’s and why’s of playing drums in a variety of musical situations. Each student will receive access to a library of play-along music files allowing them to put what they are learning to practical use.

All of my lessons are delivered with a positive and encouraging attitude as I feel that this is a MUST for effective learning! Providing a relaxed and supportive environment for my students is a vital component of my curriculum.