Educational Stuff

I really enjoy practicing the drums and love finding cool things to work on and develop into my playing. I have written many lesson articles over the years and I will be sharing some of them here on a regular basis.

Here is my first set of instructional articles. The focus of these two articles is on the development of advanced coordination skills in order to access new and innovative musical ideas. I am in the process of creating some video to go along with these articles, so please check back soon. Have fun with them and let me know what you think!

Please note that these first two lessons are not intended for the beginner drummer although beginners are certainly welcome to try them out!

Lesson 1 – 3-Note Hi-Hat Challenge

The original inspiration for this technical challenge comes from Canadian drummer Magella Cormier. Danny Cary and Virgil Donati have also used this concept to great effect.

Lesson 2 – Vinnie Hats

Like so many drummers, Vinnie Colaiuta has been a source of great inspiration and motivation for me. The following technical challenge centers on an idea I saw him perform several years ago.