Six Seconds To Madness

One track from the band’s 3-song demo (2010).

Black Magic 4:12

Kiwanis Idol Sampler

From the winners of the popular Ottawa singing competition (2005).

All The Same 4:54
You Don’t Know Me 4:38

Randy Shoaf

From the album “Bring It On” (2005)
This is one of the more progressive tracks on Contemporary Christian artist Randy Shoaf’s 2nd CD.

Zion 4:28

Hotrod Cadets

From the album “Breaking Up” (2004)
This was a collaboration with songwriter Alastair Bishop – a musician from Scotland. He sent the tracks to me and I added the drums at Blue Bear Sound.

Glory 3:04


Samples from their self-titled first album (2002).
I played electronic drums (Roland V-Drums) on four of the album tracks.

High Tech Love Affair 4:54
Playing Games 4:38


Samples from the album “The Buddha of Eternal Sexual Pleasure” (1996)
I co-wrote 3 songs on this CD.

Flesh Of The Living 3:47
Mellow People 3:18
Take A Hike 3:03

Terminal Baggage Claim

Samples from self-titled demo (2003)

Caribe 5:43
Poinciana 5:03
St. Thomas 4:43
Suite Sandrine 5:22
Tombo in 7/4 7:01
Aller Retour 7:31

This is my main band’s demo, recorded over a period of time between 2001 and 2003. Most of the tunes are covers of works by pianist Michel Camilo.