Student Spotlight

Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students. I’m happy to include them in this section of the site. This student spotlight is dedicated to letting everyone out there know about some of the rising drum stars of the future.

I have provided a list of questions for students to answer and also to share their thoughts. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know more about these drummers!!

Joseph Ferritto

Age: 9 1/2 Years playing: 3.5 How long have you been taking lessons? 3.5 years Briefly describe your performing experience… I love playing the drums for people. I did a duet with my drum teacher Bryan Valeriani and it was … Continue reading "Joseph Ferritto"

Riley Easter

Age: 18 Years playing: 2 How long have you been taking lessons? Since September of 2010. I started lessons as soon as I got my drum set. Briefly describe your performing experience. I have played on stage four times in … Continue reading "Riley Easter"

Eric Graham

Age: 14 Years playing: 6 Are you playing in a band? High school jazz band. Sometimes I jam with people but not enough of my friends play instruments. How often do you practice? I try to practice at least once … Continue reading "Eric Graham"