Joseph Ferritto

Age: 9 1/2
Years playing: 3.5

Joe started taking drum lessons with me at the ripe old age of 6! He has always been very eager to learn and fun to teach.

He is a very talented and dedicated drummer with a great ear for music. He knows his music theory and can read rhythm much better than I could at his age!!

We performed a duet together at the Long & McQuade student recital and Joe did an amazing job… he practised his parts and proved that a great work ethic pays off. Take the opportunity to learn more about Joseph Ferritto!!!


How long have you been taking lessons?
3.5 years

Briefly describe your performing experience…
I love playing the drums for people. I did a duet with my drum teacher Bryan Valeriani and it was loads of fun.

How often do you practice? Do you like it?
I practice every day for 5 minutes on my drum pad and I also practice on my real drums as well. I love practicing because it makes me a stronger drummer.

Do you have a practice routine? If you do, please describe it.
I don’t really have a practice routine. I just go over what Bryan teaches me every week.

What are you currently practicing?
I am currently practicing my double stroke rolls.

Favorite drummers?
My favorite drummer is Neil Peart from Rush. I love the song Tom Sawyer and I would love to learn to play it fully on my drums.

Favorite bands/ musicians?
Foster the People, Rush, Guns N Roses, Metallica

Why do you like playing drums?
The drums are cool because there are different beats that you can learn to play. I love the crisp sound of the cymbals and I like a good challenge. It’s pretty cool learning new beats and sounds. Drums make songs interesting and set the beat of the song.

Tell us a bit about your gear/setup?
I have a red Westbury Pro-Cussion drum set. It consists of a snare drum, 2 mounted toms, 1 floor tom, cymbals, high hat, and a bass drum. My drums are set up in my bedroom and I love to wail on my drums!!