Riley Easter

Age: 18
Years playing: 2

Riley has been taking lessons and drumming since 2010 and in that relatively short time, he has made some great progress in his drumming.

What’s interesting is that Riley has been in a band pretty much since starting drums so he has always had a vehicle to apply his drum lesson materials. I believe that his being a part of a band has helped Riley to develop his drumming skills so quickly.

He’s a talented student with an excellent attitude; he has a great feel for rhythm and is a nice guy too!


How long have you been taking lessons?
Since September of 2010. I started lessons as soon as I got my drum set.

Briefly describe your performing experience.
I have played on stage four times in my Metal band “Ancestor”.

How often do you practice and do you enjoy it?
I don’t practise as often as I probably “should”, however I find practice easier with the clear instructions that I get from my lessons!

Do you have a practice routine? If you do, please describe it.
I’ll typically sit down and jam for about 10 minutes, just to get warmed up. Then I practice my notes for 20 minutes, and reward myself with another 10 minutes of jamming.

What are you currently practicing?
Drum fills and limb independence.

Favorite drummers?
Martin “Axe” Axenrot (Opeth) Martin Lopez (Opeth) Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) Kai Hahto (Wintersun)

Favorite bands/ musicians?
Opeth, Wintersun, Iron Maiden, Death, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Why do you like playing drums?
They’re good stress release and good exercise. Also, I seem to pick up on it fairly well.

Tell us a bit about your gear/setup?
I use a Tama Imperialstar kit, with Sabian cymbals and a Dream crash. I also use an Iron Cobra double bass pedal.

Any advice or suggestions for other drummers?
Although jamming is fun, the work pays off when it starts to become what you are jamming.

To check out Riley and his band performing live, check out: